The voice in the books, on the blogs, and the monthly newsletters belongs to Betty Cook. Betty is the driving force behind the research and planning of each highway and each trip to a National or State Park. Betty hopes to answer that age old question "Now what else is there to see and do around here" after admiring one of our nation's natural or man made wonders. This website and blog offers more than a ride down a highway – there are lists of museums, antique shops, art galleries, attractions for all ages, golf courses PLUS some history on the region or towns and we list the Mom and Pop motels and restaurants in the area too. Betty is the writer of another website on South Dakota, and after many requests to "do that for my state" the team decided to take on the gigantic project of the continental USA.

Our visionary graphic designer is Randy Williamson. Randy has over 30 years experience working with graphic art and has the vision to produce what Betty is trying to describe that she is visualizing. All of the graphic work on the website, blogs, newsletters, and books are Randy's artwork. He can be contacted through his website or you can contact us and we will pass the message on to him.

The books and blogs would not be half as interesting without the talents of our photographer, Marlo Winter. Marlo is as talented with a camera as an artist is with a canvas and paints. Marlo shares his interesting pictures with everyone as we cover the USA from border to border. Because we can't be everywhere in the beautiful USA, we also have "partners" in the photography department – anyone that has a stunning picture of one of the states. We give full credit to these photographers and will even link our website to theirs to enhance the enjoyment for our viewers.

Last but not least is our "computer guru", Keith Williamson. Without Keith's input and magic fingers there would be no websites or books. Keith takes time out of a very busy full time job to "come to the rescue" on more than one occasion.

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