Big Bend Texas Country – National Park

A large part of the Big Bend area in Texas will remind you of an old spaghetti-western movie we watched years ago. As you look out across the sparse vegetation and rugged rock formations one would almost expect to see John Wayne with a Calvary troop coming up over the horizon. The Big Bend area still looks the same today as it did when life was lived over a hundred years ago on the Old West frontier. There are numerous museums and old forts throughout this region that are saving the heritage and the history of a way of life as it existed on the 1800′s frontier.

When you look at a map of Texas, the far southwest corner of the map is the Big Bend Country. The borders are outlined with the Rio Grande River from El Paso to Del Rio. This is the land that was loosely defined as “lawless, west of the Pecos River”. The area encompasses over 1.17 million acres and in excess of 40,000 square miles. Within this real estate is two National Parks, several State Parks, a desert, a huge oak forest, towering mountain ranges and the churning rapids of the Rio Grande river. A person can hike, camp, run the river rapids, horseback riding, mountain bicycling, jeep touring or just plain enjoy the sightseeing opportunities. If you love to paint or take photographs, this is a breathtaking place to be – sunsets, moon rises, mountains and the beauty of the desert.

The USA Highway Trip blogs are all about the highways and towns across the country; the ultimate “Road Trips”. The Big Bend region is sparsely populated, arid, and rugged but nevertheless has many unique towns filled with history and ambiance. I will be adding the restaurants, hotels/motels and campsites as they are far and few between. Enjoy as we road trip our way through the Big Bend Country of southwest Texas.

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