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Now that I am in IOWA, what is there to see and do??

This blog will be divided into two sections – the Eastern side and the Western side of Iowa and will cover what there is to see and do while traveling through  Iowa. Trust me, it is not all corn fields!! 

Thanks to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Iowa became a vital part of the United States. After the Louisiana purchase, settlers started moving into the area and laid the foundation for what is known today as the heart of the Corn Belt.  Although Iowa does have a strong agricultural economy. there is also a diversified economy that includes manufacturing, processing plants, finiancial services, biotech, and green energy production. Iowa ranks as the 30th most populous state in the U. S., which has to mean there are numerous large cities within the state’s borders.

Welcome to North Dakota- Land of Legends


Welcome to North Dakota.  

With this blog I will attempt to dispel the rumor that there is nothing to see or do in North Dakota.  This has been a “bum rap” because there is a lot more to North Dakota than a few months of cold weather, hypnotic waves of green and gold wheat fields, and ever populating oil wells. I hope to show you how to create some wonderful family memories with the hundreds of fun things to see and do! 

Let’s begin this vacation adventure in North Dakota with a question: What does your family like to do? No matter what the answer, there is definitely something your family will love in North Dakota.

Does your family like to golf? There are 124 courses and the cost for all weekend golfing is less than a single-round in other states. Does your family like history?  This land teems with dinosaur digs, old west forts, earthlodges, museums; not to mention the past residents and visitors like Theodore Roosevelt, Lewis and Clark, Sakakawea, Sitting Bull and Gen. Custer.

Looking for outdoor family adventures?  Look no further as North Dakota has mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fossil digs, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, waterparks, skiing and snowmobile trails.

Does live animal life appeal to your family? There are more wildlife refuges in North Dakota than any other state. Also within the state are four zoos, a National Buffalo Museum that supports a live herd, including three albino buffalo … and much, much more.

Today, more than ever, cost is a big factor in planning a vacation and there is good news on this front –  AAA has  recognized North Dakota as the most affordable state destination for family vacations.